Yapı Kataloğu - Nitelikli Mekan Yaratma Platformu

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  • Evrenol Architects

  • 2021

Limonlu Bahçe Residences, located in the center of Ümraniye, offers its users a life intertwined with nature, thanks to its unique landscape design, as well as being a part of city life thanks to its location on the main street and its connection to important transportation axes. In the project, which is at the center of human mobility due to the new residential settlement in its vicinity and the shopping mall area in its neighboring parcel, a design approach in which the distinction between indoor and outdoor space gains importance has been adopted. The separation of public and private areas from each other is ensured by the correct use of elevation differences in the land, and a balance of indoor and outdoor space is established.

Commercial areas that serve the circulation area used by different user-profiles and located on the axis directly connected to the subway are located at the street level. Thus, a large and prestigious public space was developed and the open-air street-side shopping culture in the region was enriched. While there is a dynamic life with commercial and social areas on the periphery, there is a green area made available for the use of the residential area in the interior of the project. The residential life, which is isolated from commercial areas thanks to the difference in elevation, is in relation with the green texture with the recreation areas around the pond and the landscape design with lemon trees.

  • Construction area: 202,800 m²
  • Residential area: 88,400 m² Number of residences: 509
  • Retail area: 24.800 m² Commercial unit: 150
  • Underground area: 60.000 m²