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SEV American College

SEV American College

Unusual educational structures

SEV Primary School and High School Campus Project located in the Nişantepe district of Istanbul, is positioned on a sloped plot of land where the buildings are on two adjacent parcels. The buildings have been arranged on 3 different elevations, utilizing the sloped aspect of the topography, and such have been enriched with gardens connecting to each other through platforms. The ceremonial ground on the wide plateau has been organized at the highest elevation. At the middle elevation the classrooms and skylight gardens were located around the triangular and wide internal yards.The main garden area where the dining hall and the conference hall are leads the lowest elevation. Both buildings are able to receive sunlight at all spots, thanks to internal yards, spacious floor gardens and luminaries. “Sustainability” has been the most important design criterion of the Project.

  • Site area : 44.170 m²
  • Construction area : 48.000 m²
  • Social areas: 780 m²
  • Landscape area : 12.500 m²

Photograph: S. Uğur Eren