Yapı Kataloğu - Nitelikli Mekan Yaratma Platformu

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  • Evrenol Architects

  • 2021

The project is located in Taqah, north of the Indian Ocean, appropriate architectural and interior architectural solutions have been produced taking into account the unique climatic conditions of the geography. The mixed-use project, which includes residential and commercial areas, is located on a steep and narrow plot of land perpendicular to the sea, dominated by a warm and tropical climate zone. The apparent height of the project has been limited due to the section design, which moves in harmony with the natural slope of the land. In this way, the desired number of units, each of which has the desired quality, have been reached by staying within the limits of the number of floors allowed. The living units are oriented towards the ocean view and open and wind-sheltered spaces are designed to take advantage of the view during the long mild winter months.

The concept of ‘biomimicry’, which carries the understanding of reflecting the inspiration taken from nature into the design, has been a guide throughout the design period. The organic-shaped movement in the facade design was inspired by the waves of the Indian Ocean. For the canopy design in the entrance area, the form and function of the palm trees growing in the area were based on. The pattern work, inspired by the ocean foams that hit the shore on the beach, was used in the carpet, which is the floor covering in the floor halls.

  • Construction area: 27.400 m2
  • Residential area: 18.250 m2 118 Apartments
  • Retail area: 3.150 m2
  • Underground area: 6.000 m2