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  • Evrenol Architects

  • 2010

Bursa Modern, at Yenişehir on the Bursa-Istanbul route, has made a great contribution to the transformation and development that Bursa has been undergoing at an urban scale in the recent years with its balanced indoor-outdoor relationships, high quality residences, modern infrastructure and open spaces enriching the daily lives of its dwellers. The location of the multi-floor blocks at the periphery of the land creates an “inner – urban yard”. The Waterside Residences, Mansions and social facilities within this yard suggest an urban structure that protects privacy and providing a feeling of belonging as well as supporting socializing. The most important structural element of this rich landscaping characterizing the urban yard is the 35000 m2 pond.This pond, which provides for Bursa modernized waterside residences, an element that can be commonly seen in Turkish architecture, also creates a lively and fluid connection between private and common spaces. The walking and running tracks by the waterside as well as picnic, children's playground and recreational areas also enrich people's daily lives without disregarding the privacy of people's private lives. Bursa Modern, also provides an alternative meeting / gathering / encountering spaces for its residents and the people of Bursa with its multi-purpose square and presents an enjoyable atmosphere for its users at all times.

  • Site area : 107.785 m²
  • Construction area : 313.910 m²
  • Residential area : 245.551 m²
  • Landscape area : 84.296 m²
  • Total number of buildings : 36
  • Different types of buildings : 22
  • Total number of units : 1980
  • Total number of different units 264

Egepen Deceuninck Zendow Series PVC Window and Door Systems were used in Bursa Modern, the first and only living project in Bursa with the European Property Awards Development international award.