Conventional Aluminum Profiles

The figure to be produced is examined by Burak Aluminum technical office and after the necessary arrangements are made, it is converted into a profile mold in its own mold room. With the prepared mold, the profile is produced according to the desired alloy, thermal, surface and mechanical processes and made ready for delivery.

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All building types


• Culvert Profiles
• Sills and Moldings Profiles
• T Bini Profiles
• Paneling Profiles
• Skirting Profiles
• Threshold Profiles
• Fly Screen Profiles
• Shutter Profiles
• PD Profiles
• Composite Panel Profiles
• Terracotta Profiles
• Sinterflex Profiles
• F Profiles
• Connection Profiles
• Glass Balcony Profiles
• Shower Cabin Profiles
• Furniture Profiles
• Carpet Ceramic Profiles
• Curtain Roller Profiles
• Rack Stand Profiles
• Advertising Board Profiles
• Sigma Profiles