Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panels are among the products that can be considered indispensable for architecture. Thanks to Burakbond, you can quickly obtain performance products with high mechanical properties in desired colors. The primary understanding of the solutions offered is high quality and complete service.

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All building types


• Standard sizes: 4mm x 1250mm x 3200mm - 4mm x 1500mm x 3200mm
• Apart from standard sizes, panels of 2-3-5-6 mm in thickness and desired size in length can be specially produced on order basis.

• It has high rigidity and strength feature.
• It shows high performance resistance against external weather conditions and UV rays.
• It is resistant to temperature conditions between 50 °C / 85 °C.
• It shows good acidic and basic resistance performance in harsh environmental conditions.
• It has a smooth, flat and shiny surface feature.
• It can be processed easily.
• It shows acoustic insulation and vibration absorption properties.
• It differs from other composite panels with its thermal insulation and non-flammable properties.
• High impact resistance.

Alu-line / BURAKBOND is processed with KYNAR® 500 reinforced PVDF paint process technique and offers 20 years of paint and 15 years of material warranty.