Telescopic Pool Cover

Brand: Neta

The openable cover systems on the pool are the professional solutions which shall allow you to benefit from your pool for twelve months of the year and which shall extend your pool pleasure as long as you desire.

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All outdoor pools and large outdoor spaces (restaurant, commercial, sports facility, etc.)


Snow and wind loads are calculated and designed specifically for each region in telescopic drop-down pool cover systems. The system consists of movable modules that telescopically pass into each other. The modules move on the ground rails by means of wheels, either motorized or manually. Carrier profiles are aluminum. The fasteners and mechanisms used in the whole system are made of stainless inox material.
Transparent solid, acrylic and polycarbonate (transparent-opaque-bronze-gray) are used in the pool covers. Tempered or laminated glasses are also among the materials that can be used depending on the project type and application area.

CE, DIN, EN, ISO 9001 (Fabric, Aluminum Profile and Fasteners)