Double Glass Acoustic Movable Partition Wall

Brand: Transpalace

TRANSPALACE mobile wall is the most special of the mobile partition wall series. The movable panels are made of an aluminum frame covered with safety glass on both sides. While the spatial character of a room is preserved with the transparent wall, it continues to benefit from all the features of the movable partition wall systems with its high sound insulation value up to 46 dB. Technical details are delicately rendered behind a narrow bezel. This frame is available in almost any color desired. Both manual and semi-automatic versions are available.

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Residences, commercial, educational, tourism and cultural buildings, congress centers

Transpalace is also available as fire resistant glass. In terms of fire safety, the walls meet the highest requirements.
The newest feature in the system is the automatic blinds used between double windows. With this innovative feature, the blinds can be operated at the touch of a button, creating a dynamic look.
The use of a Transpalace wall creates a bright environment while maintaining high-quality Palace partition wall features such as high sound insulation value and contemporary functional design.