Fire Resistant Movable Partition Wall Systems

Brand: Parthos

Movable partition walls, whose usage area has expanded greatly in current projects, divides large volumes in buildings into smaller units. Acoustic partition systems are indispensable elements of functional and flexible uses, with the feature of a soundproof wall application that can be opened and closed when necessary. In addition to all these functional solutions, Parthos partition walls, which can provide fire resistance of 30 (EI30) and 60 (EI60) minutes, help keep safety in the foreground in buildings. Escape corridor, fire exit, etc. Door panels with panic bars used in areas also offer a very useful and solution-oriented approach in movable partitions.

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Commercial, educational, tourism and cultural buildings, convention centers

In EI30 or EI60 fire resistant partition wall applications, the surface coatings of the panels can be selected according to the project requirement and design. Thus, both decorative and fire resistant movable partition walls are easily integrated into the project without restricting interior designers. There is no aluminum frame around the panels, so the sense of integrity in the front view for the surface cladding is not impaired.