Movable Partition Systems

Brand: Parthos

These are noise-insulated and movable systems which give the opportunity to perform more than one usage area and multi meetings and organizations with the dividing of the halls in different forms in compliance with various needs.

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Commercial, educational, tourism and cultural structures, congress centers

Aluminum, Steel, Glass

Each of the panels moves on aluminum or steel rails mounted on the ceiling. Manual or semi-automatic spindle mechanism provides high stability and sound insulation from 42db to 59db.
Different decorative products can be used in the surface coating of the panels. For those who cannot give up transparency, glass panels can be preferred. In-panel door applications can also be made to provide circulation at the required points in divider panels. The movement of the panels can be straight along the wall line, as well as to work on a curved line.
In addition, fire and smoke protection and safety are not neglected when necessary. Fire resistance and fire retardant walls can be provided for up to 60 minutes.

International Valid Sound Insulation Certificates, TUV, ISO 9001: 2008, CE, LEED