Polycarbonate Facade System

Brand: DanPal

Since the day it first introduced the concept of mechanical locked polycarbonate façade for the first time, it has blown like a storm in the world of architecture with its technical and aesthetic features. A wide range of materials, including colors, finishes and special effects, offers highly creative options. DanPal Single Layer Facades are waterproof translucent systems offered in various configurations for different types of construction. In the case of a perfect facade, the key is to achieve balance. Excessive sunlight causes unwanted glare and an uncomfortable ambient temperature. Using materials superior to glass in terms of flexibility, transparency and tonal qualities, DanPal provides the perfect balance between light and heat dynamics on all facades.

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Architectural projects covering commercial, educational, transportation, health, sports, tourism, high technology industries


The DanPal façade is lightweight and resistant to impacts, providing excellent thermal protection and excellent weather protection. The unique cell design of the DanPal façade ensures excellent thermal insulation. Improvements in the ‘U’ and ‘R’ values ​​significantly increase the overall energy efficiency of a building.
Thanks to its unique structure, the facade panel transmits natural light evenly. The unique design of daylight architecture provides an aesthetically impressive appearance thanks to the close proximity of the beams. Joints are concealed and surfaces aligned, which can be bent or bent if necessary. Load resistance is increased with the high security double click lock system.
• High impact resistance
• UV protection
• Balanced scattered light
• Lightness
• Freedom of design
• Superior air and water resistance
• High level of safety
• Certified system
• Easy setup
• Manufactured with microcell technology