Cement Based Light Natural Concrete Wall Panel


Ready-to-install, self-colored ready-made panel coating. Produced from cement and special natural raw materials. Polyester fiber resin does not contain any chemicals such as polyurethane.

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Interior wall cladding, ceiling cladding, exterior cladding

Surface options: Smooth and Rustic
Series: Quattro, Form, Stripes, Plain, Crude, Geo
Color alternatives: Standard 12 different color alternatives. Project-specific color reproduction is possible.
Color variations: Since it is a natural material, each panel has a special color tone.
Dimensions: 60 x 120 cm mass production, up to 125x 250 cm production according to the project.
Thickness & Weight: 7-8 mm (Type A) approx. 8-9 Kg / m² | 11-12 mm (B Type) 14-15 kg / m².
Flammability class: Non-flammable material in class A2s1d0.
Mounting method: Only gluing and / or bonding + screw reinforcement.
Mounting bottom surface: It is applied on all kinds of surfaces (including box profile frame) including rough plaster.
Corner details: In the form of overlap.
Strength: Water and moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant.
Healthy: 100% natural product, odorless.
Resistance to moisture: Not affected by water and moisture. Can be used in wet volumes.

15-years manufacturer's warranty.