Bamboo Look Decorative Wall Panel


It is 100% bamboo stick look and bamboo textured, plate shaped decorative wall cladding material. Manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyester, bamboo powder and special chemicals. It has its own ready color and texture. It is not a raw plate or a painted material! Plates mean. It measures 285 cm x 130 cm. 1 Plate covers an area of 3.7 m².

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Interior and exterior spaces, villas, hotels, restaurants, wine cellars, prefabricated buildings, SPAs and baths, cafes and bars, residences, offices, stores and showrooms, exhibition stands, portable applications, gardens, kitchens, ceilings, bathrooms. To sum up it is used in all kinds of interior and exterior wall cladding, ceiling cladding and facade cladding.

Manufactured in Spain with patented production technique.
Plate size 285 cm x 130 cm (h). Covering area 3.7 m².
Weight approx. 5-6 kg / m²
Wall thickness 3 mm, pattern depth approx. 2.5 cm
Non-flammable (Euroclass Ds3d0)
Mounted directly with screw.
No expansion or shrinkage occurs between -20 and +60 ° C.
It is healthy, does not emit polyester fragrance.
It is not affected by water and moisture.
UV protected.
15 years interior, 5 years exterior cladding product warranty.

ISO 9001:2000 APPLUS- LGAI Techological Center- EC 0519/00
ISO 14001:2004 APPLUS- LGAI Technological Center-MA-0182/00
Non-flammability certificate