Micronized Stone Layer Polyester Fiber Panel

Brand: NETEREN TOTAL Stone Panel

Ready-to-install, self-colored ready-made panel coating. The visible surface is a 100% micronized stone brick layer. Back surface supporting the layer is resin and glass fiber. Ready composite facade, wall, ceiling material.

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Interior wall cladding, ceiling cladding, exterior cladding

Surface options: Natural stone, brick, concrete, bamboo, etc. surfaces
Series: Panel Cladding, Arch Veneer, Column Veneer, Wooden Beam
Color variations: Moderate
Dimensions: 130 x 285 cm / panel
Thickness & Weight: 2-3 mm thickness / 5-6 kg / m2 weight
Flammability class: Class B non-flammable material
Mounting method: Only by screwing
Mounting bottom surface: It is applied on all kinds of flat surfaces including rough plaster
Corner details: It is done by applying the paste on the corners
Strength: Water and moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, UV-resistant
Healthy: Made of ecological polyester, completely odorless
Resistance to moisture: Not affected by water and moisture. Can be used in wet volumes.

Guaranteed for 20 years.