TMA 10x30 D Professional Double Amplifier

Multiswitch satellite systems central distribution systems

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Housing, shopping malls, hospitals, public institutions, airports, hotels, prisons, etc.

• Material: Tinned sheet metal
• Cascade gain booster
• High output level
• Adjustable gain
• LNB ON OFF switch
• Short circuit protection
• High insulation
• This product is used after the satellite dish or in places where the signal is weakened. Thanks to the high-gain amplifiers and specially designed circuit, it can give 30 dB of gain. There is a 15 dB equalizer circuit due to the attenuation caused by cable loss at high frequencies. Thanks to this circuit, the gain value at all frequencies will be equal, since our sat curve will have a flat curve after meters after tilt adjustment.

TSE - CE - Service Qualification
Guaranteed for 2 years.