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ELMOR A.Ş. continues to be the leader of the building sector in E.C.A. brand with its extensive sales network. While offering the most different designs to the sector with SEREL brand, it rapidly approaches to its leadership mission. 

ELMOR A.Ş. was founded in 1955 and has been carrying out the sales and marketing activities of armatures and ceramic sanitary wares, valves, bathtubs and bath furniture produced by the Elginkan Community since 1962.  Having determined its mission as providing service to society and creating funds for the Elginkan Foundation in its body, it aims to proceed by improving the quality in all its products and services through most effective use of information technologies.

Working with the principle 'Unity for Years' since its foundation, ELMOR renews itself every day with the philosophy 'Quality in Service'.  ELMOR performs sales of E.C.A. and SEREL brands, which are included in product groups, and has been putting its signature for 62 years on products that increase the life quality in our country.   

ELMOR is leading the development of trade and marketing techniques of materials, which are used in wet environments in the building sector, inside Turkey.  Along with taking a role that determines the dynamics of the building materials sector, ELMOR bears the market leadership with pride with its E.C.A. armatures and E.C.A. technical products (valves). ELMOR is also the creator of regular franchise model and work system in the sector it operates in.

Product groups of ELMOR are E.C.A., AR and YAK branded Chrome Plated Armatures and Kitchen Accessories, E.C.A. branded Technical Products (valves), SEREL and ARSEL branded Ceramic Sanitary Ware, SEREL Tiles, Spil SEREL branded Kitchen Furniture and Serel Acrylic branded Acrylic Bathtubs.  It included SEREL Aksesuar branded products in 2011. These products are marketed through 450 authorized dealers in all cities of Turkey together with sales offices connected to the company's regional directorates and chief offices of İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Trabzon, Bursa, Adana and Antalya. While being the title of the leader in sector with its dealers and all other sales points, it preserves its stance which is respected by its competitors at all times since its brings new technologies and designs in the sector without compromising on its most important principle 'Quality'.

ELMOR has also introduced the first water saving battery series of the building sector and 'Smooth Surface Technology', which is applied for the first time and only in SEREL.  Releasing new products and technologies to the market with R&D developments it carries out with its producers by 2012, ELMOR aims to maintain its leadership also in future years.

ELMOR has conducted planned communication works in order to improve its dynamic brand image, direct the final consumer to sales point, become the brand preferred by professionals of the sector and introduce new products.  Sponsorships, fair activities and sales and marketing campaigns towards professional groups have been carried out in communication works.  Professionals of regions are brought together with 'Meetings of Professionals' in regions that play an important role in the sector in Turkey.

Moreover, Elmor is the sponsor of activities carried out by associations and chambers, members of which are architects. 

ELMOR Plus stores has started to be opened for retailing activities in order to sell E.C.A. and SEREL brands to final consumers and professionals of the sector.  Elmor Plus stores, which started with Ankara in 2007, were followed by Antalya stores in 2008 and İstanbul store in 2009. In 2013, 1100 m2 İzmir Elmor Plus store, which incorporates majority of E.C.A. and SEREL product range and is the fourth Elmost Plus store, was materialized.

ELMOR has continues conducting planned communication works in order to improve its dynamic brand image, direct the final consumer to sales point, become the brand preferred by professionals of the sector and introduce new products.