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Sink Mixer | E.C.A Myra

Brand: E.C.A.

‘Touch’ sink mixer 2016 - A Design Award / Silver Award E.C.A. TOUCH Another innovation from E.C.A. that makes the life of the consumer easier with the innovative products it developed: Touch (sink) and sink faucets. E.C.A., the armature opening and closing is limited to the control lever ends the cycle, the tap is now open, touch and close the period begins.

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Faucet Tap Sink faucet
About the Product
1Application Area



Touch technology is offered to consumers in Myra and Luna Sink Faucets and in Myra's standard-medium high sink faucets.
Products with double water inlet.
In order to allow water to flow from the product, the joystick is turned on and the chrome plated parts of the product must be touched. The flow and temperature adjustment is done with the joystick. No water flow when the control handle is closed.
If the product is not touched again after the water flow has started, the product switches itself off after 42 seconds.
Powered by 4 AA 1.5 V lithium pen batteries.
It provides hygienic and practical usage with its touch feature.
If desired, it can be used as a standard product by deactivating the touch feature.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

EPD Environmental Product Declaration, European Water label, TS EN ISO 9001, TSE 817

4Product Serial No