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2019, Time for Renewal for Saving Baths!

2019, Time for Renewal for Saving Baths!

E.C.A. offers time and cash-saving products with a 20-year warranty. The Elginkan Group's pioneering and well-established brand in the field of fittings and sanitaryware is E.C.A. SEREL attracts attention with its products and technologies to be exhibited at Unicera Ceramic, Bathroom and Kitchen Fair. The brand, which attracts attention with its innovative products every year, takes place at the fair with the concept of “Water is renewing”. The company, which has many innovations in its wide product range, introduced SEREL's new products to consumers with a different concept in the bathroom furniture sector, while E.C.A. and fingerprints and water-proof luminaires.
Elmor, the domestic distribution company of E.C.A.SEREL branded ceramic sanitary ware and armature products, presents its products combining quality, design and technology with sector professionals and consumers at Unicera Fair between 5 - 9 February. The products offered with the concept of “Water is renewing”, are presented in the 4th Hall, E.C.A. Exhibited at SEREL booth.
Emphasizing that they are always an innovative brand, Elmor A.Ş. General Manager Enver Öz said, ’We are talking about the importance of renewal in 2019. In this context, we will exhibit the latest products of SEREL bathroom furniture at the fair. While we are renewing our wide product range; we call on our consumers to become partners in this innovation and to bring innovations to their homes with SEREL. At Unicera, we will have a booth full of surprises that will inspire us on this issue. ”
SEREL at Unicera with its bathrooms reflecting different moods
SEREL introduces its new product range in the bathroom furniture sector at Unicera with a different concept. Emphasizing that it can meet different furniture needs, the brand also invites everyone to be renewed for bathrooms that reflect their own mood. E.C.A. SEREL booth has 4 separate bathrooms which stand out with their regular, timeless, peaceful and dynamic designs.
Mr.Öz reminded that they aim to draw attention to the importance of products that offer design, technology and quality together in bathroom appliances in 2019 and that they will offer the most appropriate solutions to the furniture sector with SEREL brand.
Fixtures that put an end to the concern of fingerprints and waterprints will be exhibited for the first time at Unicera
With its new coating feature, E.C.A will introduce its luminaires that do not leave fingerprints and water marks for the first time at Unicera. Thanks to this new technology, E.C.A. stating that they are happy to produce solutions with the difference of Oz, “We consumers E.C.A. We are the most preferred brand in the market thanks to their trust in quality, durability and service of the brand. With this new technology we will provide to consumers, we will continue to lead the sector and influence demand. ”