Tourniket | Automatic and Manual Revolving Doors

Brand: Boon Edam

Revolving doors are designed in a wide range of sizes and desired surface properties according to the capacity requirement, providing long-lasting use for entrances with high pedestrian traffic. It is the most effective energy-saving air conditioning solution at building entrances.

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• They are standard revolving doors produced between minimum 1800mm – maximum 3800mm inner diameters.
• It can be preferred with the desired color or surface coating, as manual or automatic, with 3 or 4 wings.
• For doors to be chosen manually, 2400mm inner diameter is the ideal size, and it is recommended not to exceed this size in terms of difficulty in use.
• Manually preferred Tourniket model revolving doors can be fully automated when desired, as they are designed in accordance with the addition of automation in the future.