Twintour | Synchronised Twin Revolving Doors

Brand: Boon Edam

Based on the integration of two double-leaf revolving doors, the Twintour model is essential for projects that need flexible solutions.

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• Twintour offers you a unique solution that allows you to maximize the capacity that can be obtained from a small diameter revolving door. For example, a 3000mm diameter revolving door with 2 or 3 wings can allow 2x29 people to pass per minute, and if it has 4 wings, it can allow 2x38 people to pass, while Twintour allows 2x60 people to pass per minute. It even allows transitions with wheelchairs and shopping trolleys, which are impossible for 3000mm diameter in its peers.
• Being able to pass a straight line while achieving high capacity at low diameters is another plus feature of Twintour. The Twintour model, which has a lot of pluses, also has a minus feature such as meeting the distance saved in width from the depth, as it consists of the synchronization of more than one revolving door. However, since Twintour can be connected to the façade from any point, you can connect the system to the outside of the building as it is, inside the building throughout, or from the axis to the façade, so that this extraordinary design adds a special atmosphere to your building.