Tournex | 3/4 Wing Revolving Door with Showcase Option

Brand: Boon Edam

Tournex, which is offered with and without a showcase in the middle of the automatic revolving door, offers the insulation advantages of the revolving door for buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic.

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Tournex model revolving doors, which can reach gigantic dimensions from 3600mm to 7400mm, are the perfect solution for the entrances of super and hyper markets, airports, shopping centers and similar buildings where shopping and luggage carts are used.

• In addition to buildings that need high capacity, Tournex can also be preferred as a complementary door in terms of prestige and aesthetics due to its majestic appearance and the feature of being preferable with a showcase in the middle.
• Tournex model revolving doors are equipped with all types, folding wings in panic and the highest safety devices to meet the requirements of universal safety standards, regardless of size and feature.
• Boon Edam's Tournex model, which has already taken its place as a classic in the high-capacity grand revolving door segment, can be produced with electrostatic powder paint, anodized colors or stainless steel, brass, etc. in RAL standards. It can easily adapt to the general concept of your building with a wide variety of surface finishes.