Sink and Bathroom Furniture | Luv

Brand: Duravit

Since its introduction, the Luv series has become an integral part of Scandinavian-style bathrooms. The minimalist design language of Danish designer Cecilie Manz adds a high sense of well-being with the Scandinavian living concept. Carefully designed materials that also appeal to the sense of touch highlight gentle forms and geometry. This approach shows itself in the warm and simple effect of the new furniture color Almond Satin Mat, which offers a wide range of design options. The interaction of light colors and natural tones with green or gray creates sharp contrasts.

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While the washbasin unit can be arranged according to personal tastes with four different console surfaces made of quartz or solid wood, it creates a feeling of calmness that forms the essence of the modest elegance of the series together with soft earth tones.
- Oval DuraCeram® washbasins are now available in a total of five sizes (420, 500, 600, 700 and 800 mm) with four different outer surfaces offering greater personalization.
- Extra furniture widths have also been added: A new width of 938 mm has also been added, which can be combined with all three washbasin cabinets and optionally with a pull-out cabinet or an additional drawer for storage.
- Luv's elegant design is also reflected in the matching mirror models, which are now larger and have more features. In addition to the three existing width options (500, 1200, 1600 mm), a width of 800 mm has been added to match the new washbasin cabinet size. In the future, all Luv mirrors will be available in 800 or 1200 mm sizes. The new switch-on function for the heated mirror and colored light, controlled by the non-contact control panel, allows continuous adjustment of the light color for the upper light area and ambient lighting.
- The bathtubs in the Luv series have an optional integrated air circulation system and are an eye-catching choice for any bathroom, whether as a free-standing model in the bathroom, as a wall-mounted or corner model. The bathtubs perfectly accompany the general appearance of the series with their subtle aesthetics reflecting the shape of the washbasins.

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