Bathroom Accessory | Starck T

Brand: Duravit

Duravit, together with the famous designer Philippe Starck, created the accessory line “Starck T”, which combines functionality with organic forms. The history of Philippe Starck's collaboration with Duravit dates back to 1994, when the Starck 1 series was launched. Working together with Duravit on various bathroom products over the years, Starck also launched an accessory line for the first time. The basis of the design concept of the Starck T series is the "T" shape rising from a round foundation. This design approach gives the products in the series a stylish and formal touch.

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- All 16 products in the Starck T series, ranging from toilet paper and towel racks to soap dispensers, come in chrome and matte black, the favorite color of recent times. The soap dispenser in the form of a flask, which is made of handmade matte glass and can be filled easily, draws attention in the series. The materials and designs of all products at Starck T harmonize with all other Duravit products and complement the contemporary look of bathrooms.
- Products available in the Stark T series:
• Towel hanger
• Double towel rail
• Cup holder
• Soap Dispenser
• Liquid soap dispenser (Flask shaped)
• Toilet paper hanger
• Toilet paper hanger with cover
• Double toilet paper holder
• Spare toilet paper holder
• Towel warmer
• Towel holder (600 mm)
• Towel Holder (800 mm)
• Ring-shaped towel rail
• Rack for towels
• Floor toilet brush
• Wall mounted toilet brush

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