Bathroom Furniture | White Tulip

Brand: Duravit

The White Tulip range by Philippe Starck is a holistic bathroom collection designed around the organic silhouette of a tulip in bloom, lending it an almost sculptural, gentle character. With its unique ergonomics and ability to blend into a wide range of styles, the versatile and elegant designs of the White Tulip collection are ideal for all interiors: – from CULTURE to NATURE, from the cultured and sophisticated urban environment to the fresh and natural ambience of a country house.

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• In the sophisticated, aspirational loft, White Tulip is at home in an urban ambience with a playful and sophisticated interior design. The warm and elegant interior contrasts with the clean, cold, and modern city. Expressive details and the high-quality workmanship satisfy even the highest standards.
• The consistent design element on the faucets is the tulip-shaped handle that echoes the shape of the washbasins and bathtubs and is particularly easy and pleasant to operate thanks to the polished surface, whilst the 160 finely engraved vertical stripes produce a truly sophisticated effect. Washbasin mixers are available in various “comfort” heights S, M, and XL. The range also includes bidet, shower and bath faucets.
• The furniture has the same extraordinarily refined elegance as the entire range. The miter-cut, extremely finely crafted edges are testament to the precise composition of the White Tulip furniture, which comes in widths of between 350 and 1300 mm. The furniture and the matching semi-tall cabinets with two or three glass shelves are available in a choice of five high-quality colors with high gloss or satin matt lacquer. Alternatively, a solid wood finish of Natural Oak or American Walnut may be selected for the fronts.
• The distinctive chrome handle represents an exciting design option. It can be used to contrast with the matt lacquers and solid wood surfaces, or produce a striking effect on high-gloss lacquer.
• Matching mirrors are available as a sensor or app version. The mirrored glass has been brought forward, creating an interesting effect. The light temperature featuring a memory effect can be synchronized with other lamps connected in the living area and controlled via the “Casambi” app – symbolically injecting the modern zeitgeist of the city into the sophisticated loft.

• In the fresh and natural setting of a country home, White Tulip is presented in an organic yet contemporary and minimal interior.
• The gentle, refined, and pared-down lines of the White Tulip range create elegant highlights. The monolithic design of the free-standing ceramic washbasin is particularly eye-catching. The washbasin can be attached to the wall or the floor as required.
• Designed in the same style, the round above-counter basin impresses with its aesthetic, delicately outward sloping edge. The right-angled washbasin, when viewed from above, also reflects this form. It is available in two sizes, each also as a furniture washbasin, as is the handrinse basin, which completes the range.
• The free-standing bathtub with seamless acrylic paneling mirrors the form of the ceramics, round and oval variants are available.
• Matching free-standing and wall-mounted toilets and bidets complement the impressive ceramic elements. The White Tulip style can also be found on the matching urinal.
• The Culture and Nature universes show that the possibilities for integrating the series into any setting are endless. From a full range of faucets, bathtubs, washbasins, and furniture, through toilets and bidets right up to matching mirrors - the extraordinary shapes of all components within the White Tulip range offer exquisite design options. Furniture in twelve finishes with an optional striking handle creates options that can be combined in a whole variety of worlds.

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