Aluminum Door and Window Systems | ST 70

A well known window and door fenestration system, which is one of the most preffered product in the market; ST 70 insulated window and door system adds visual elegance to your structure with its unique line, reducing energy consumption significantly through its low heat transfer coefficient, meeting all your expectations due to its wide range of application options by merging all features in just one system. Within its high price-performance index, ST 70; which includes windows enhanced with flat and radial options and doors with identical lines, offers easy application and installation. The new generation Bodrum handle family brings elegant look to the system.

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Business centers, shopping malls, hotels, airports, public buildings, hospitals, residences


• Fabricated thermal break
• Glass thickness up to 47 mm
• Draw-slide and folding applications
• Frame profile, concealed, standard and pivot hinge options

EN 1026, EN 12207, EN 1027, EN 12208, EN 12210, EN 12211