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Çuhadaroğlu Metal
Çuhadaroğlu Metal

Çuhadaroğlu Metal

Cuhadaroğlu is established in 1954. Company serves to  aluminum casting billets, extruded profiles, aluminum profiles with powder coating and anodized surface treatment, aluminum doors, window and facade systems, automatic rotary and sliding door systems, fire, lead and bomb resistant security systems, aluminum construction elements.
Çuhadaroğlu Metal aims to be an indispensable solution partner in the design and production of architectural and industrial profile systems. As a leading brand in Turkey and its vital geography, we offer comprehensive support to our customers with our wide product range and technical service capability.
The company aims to invest constantly in researching and developing by giving importance to creativity and innovation in order to increase effectiveness of in national and international markets and to be a trustworthy organization, which is preferred by its customers and which respects its competitors and which makes its stakeholders earn.
Çuhadaroğlu Metal Industry and Marketing Inc.; in the direction of providing fast, accurate and reliable service by acting in an innovative and contemporary understanding with an exciting and guru-faced team that attaches importance to team spirit;
Aims at:
  • Being an institution that adopts the principle of continuous development and which everyone would prefer to do business with thanks to the trust of the company and the quality of its products,
  • Establishing, implementing and continuously developing an effective quality management system to provide quality products and services to customers,
  • • Increasing customer satisfaction by continually meeting customers' product quality and performance expectations,
  • Complying with all environmental and legal requirements related to workers’ health and occupational safety during the realization of the objectives.
With the awareness of the fact that the key to success is the employee at the realization of these goals, it strives to maintain a peaceful, participatory and developmental open work environment.