Aluminum Door and Window Systems | S 36 KS

S 36 KS system is a lift-sliding joinery system with 14.8 mm heat barrier, heat insulation and low aluminum consumption. Reduces labor and installation times with special registration connection. The system is integrated with 36 KS system. If the same wing profile is used with the S 36 KS system, the system can be transformed into a lift-and-slide system only by changing the accessories if desired.

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Business centers, shopping malls, hotels, airports, public buildings, hospitals, residences


• Heat transmission coefficient: Uw: ≥3.8 W / m2K (Ug: ≥2.4 W / m2K)
• Air permeability: Class 2
• Water impermeability: 7A / 300 Pa
• Wind resistance: C3

ISO 10077-2, EN 1026, EN 12207, EN 1027, EN 12208, EN 12210, EN 12211