Aluminium Sound Insulated Joinery System (Heat Insulated)| ST 80.S

The isolation of noise, which can be described as unwanted sounds, is seen as a necessity in terms of human health, working efficiency, comfort and confidentiality. Exposure of human beings to an acceptable sound level in spaces varies depending on the sound insulation of the building elements surrounding the space, sound sources and the intended use of the space. Most of the noise in the space is caused by external noise as road, rail and air traffic noise. In order to achieve an acceptable sound level in the office, the façade must have sufficient sound insulation level, depending on the outdoor sound level. Çuhadaroğlu ST 80 S heat and sound insulated joinery system ensures acceptable sound levels in the spaces.

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Business centers, shopping malls, hotels, airports, public buildings, hospitals, residences


• Possibility to maintain an acceptable level scale and sound insulation in the indoor area
• Sound Insulation: 47 dB
• Heat Transmission Coefficient: Uf: 1.9 W / m2K (Ug: 1.4 W / m2K)
• Air Permeability: Class 4 (600 Pa)
• Water Impermeability: Class 9A (600 Pa)
• Wind Resistance: C3 / B3

ISO 10077-2, EN 1026, EN 12207, EN 1027, EN 12208, EN 12210, EN 12211