WD55T Joinery System

Brand: Akpa

WD55T Joinery System is a heat insulated aluminum door and window system.

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All building types


• Heat insulated door and window systems
• Body depth: 55 mm
• Profile wall thickness: 1.5 mm - 2 mm
• Narrow and wide forehead alternative profiles
• Glass bead support between 4 mm and 30 mm
• Fireproof heat barrier alternatives
• Press corner and connection wedges
• Normal, double axis, transom, sliding-transom, outward opening, folding or crash opening options
• Profile production with QUALICOAT certificate in all RAL colors and QUALANOD certified in anodized options.
• EPDM air, water and dust sealing wicks
• Rosenheim heat test report
• Uw = 2,9W / (m2.K)

EN 12207 Class 4 600 Pa
EN 12208 Class 9A 600 Pa
EN 12210 Class C3 1200 Pa
TS EN ISO 717-1 37,7 Db