Primebond Aluminum Composite Panel

Brand: Akpa

Although Akpa Composite panel is based on light aluminum, it offers a combination of metal strength, superior smoothness, vibration absorption, extreme durability and ease of maintenance.

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All building types

Akpa Primebond Composite Panel 1250x3200 - One Plate (4 M2)
• Primebond Aluminum Composite Panels with wide usage area add a difference to your designs with a variety of wood patterned colors and standard colors.
• It has 0,40 mm thick aluminum plate coated with PVDF paint.
• It can be used on exterior and is under a 20-year warranty.
• B2 standard production is made.
• It can also be produced in A2 and FR / B1 fireproof category.
• Standard dimensions are 4 * 1250 * 3200mm.
• Special colors and sizes can be produced.
• It has rich color and pattern variety.
• Installation time is short.