Air and Vapor Barrier

Brand: Delta®-Reflex

It is an energy-saving, air and vapor barrier with high resistance to tearing. It stops air and steam by 100%. It provides protection of the temperature up to 10% more. It curtains the electromagnetic beam effect up to 99%. The version with self-adhesive overlap is offered as Delta®-Reflex Plus.

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It is a reliable air and vapor barrier for all roof and facade types. Ideal for light industrial roofs (both aerated concrete and metal roof constructions).

Tear strength: Approximately 450 N / 5 cm in both directions (DIN EN 12311)
Waterproofing degree: Waterproof W1 (EN 13859 - 1 + 2)
Sd value: About 150 m
Weight: Approx.180 g / m²
Roll size: 50 m x 1.5 m / 25 m x 3 m

ISO 9001: 2000, CE