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About the Product
1Application Area

In sloping roofs, it can be laid on the undercoating board, as well as directly on the thermal insulation without using a sub-lining board such as OSB.


• Thanks to its high tear and compression strength and high vapor permeability, DELTA®-MAXX-X can be laid on the under-lining board as well as directly on the thermal insulation without using an under-lining board such as OSB.
• Even after trying to tear by stretching, water impermeability, vapor permeability, etc. It does not lose any of its technical features and most importantly is a special waterproofing cover that passes the rain and hail test. Thanks to its special non-slip surface, even if the material gets wet, it can be safely worked on.
• DELTA®-MAXX-X with integrated self adhesive edge. The patented adhesive in this part of the lap edges has been newly developed and has the ability to adhere up to 10 degrees C below zero. This enables roof manufacturing even in cold seasons.
• The most important advantages:
- Special Membrane Technology (AMS: Active Membrane System)
- Water impermeability
Rain impermeability
Wind impermeability
- High water vapor permeability
- Water vapor storage feature
- High elasticity
- Work safety
- Higher heat resistance
- Higher UV Protection
- Long-lasting waterproofing

3Quality Assurance Certificates

15-year product warranty (in accordance with the warranty conditions specified in the certificate)