3D Effect Waterproofing Cover


DELTA®-Fassade Color is sustainable behind any open-joint perforated, transparent or translucent coating based on wood, metal, expanded metal, glass, plastic and polycarbon, with instant rainfall, wind and dust protection for insulation layers, while protecting facades from condensation damage. It is a colored facade membrane that saves energy.

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Breathable covers in the DELTA®-FASSADE COLOR range are suitable for all ventilated facades with open joints up to 50 mm covering up to 50% of the total surface. Special solutions are developed for original facade designs above these values.

• Material: Aging resistant fleece cover with a special waterproof coating and self-adhesive edges
• Definition: Colorful, breathable, waterproof facade cover for facades with open joints up to 50 mm, covering up to 50% of the total surface. UV transmittance below 10% on glass facades.
• Weight: approx. 300 g / m2
• Thickness: approx. 0.60 mm
• Water permeability: Waterproof W1
• Tear strength: 370/270 N / 5 cm
• Puncture resistance: 150/150 N
• Fire class: B-s1, d0
• Sd-value: approx. 0.02 m (highly breathing)
• Heat resistance: from - 40 ° C to + 120 ° C
• Roll weight: approx. 13.5 kg
• Roll size: 30 m x 1.5 m