4 Layer Geocomposite Drainage Board

Brand: Delta®-Geo Drain Quattro

It is a 4-layer geocomposite drainage board consisting of micro punched slippery foil, fleece layer, PP geotextile and HDPE rough board. It has high pressure resistance and drainage capacity. It is a reliable drainage in the evacuation of methane and radon gases from the soil. It does not rot in the soil. It does not contain recycled materials. Self-adhesive overlapping edge is available. It does not harm drinking water.

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It is a protection and drainage system specially developed for elastic, thick bituminous and pressure sensitive, sliding-based insulations.

Pressure resistance: Approximately 400 kN / m² (DIN EN 12311)
Bubble height: 9 mm
Drainage capacity: 3.50 l / s
Roll size: 12.5 m x 2.0 m

ISO 9001:2000, CE