Polyfin 4015v FPO Geomembrane

Brand: Polyfin®

Polyfin FCM (Fresh Concrete Membrane) 4015v is a synthetic foundation waterproofing membrane made of Flexible Polyolefines (FPO) with central glass fleece and non-woven PP fleece backing , with one- or double-sided fleece-free self edge. Eliminates the usage of protective concrete screed on the geomembrane.

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Foundation and wall waterproofing

Actual thickness (DIN EN 1849-2): 1.5 mm
Tear strength ( DIN EN 12310-2): ≥ 150 N
Tensile strength ( DIN EN 12311-2): ≥ 900 N/50mm (method A)
Elongation (DIN EN 12311-2): ≥ %50 (method A)
Water tightness (DIN EN 1928-B): ≥ 500 kPa
Joint peel resistance (DIN EN 12316-2): ≥ 400 N/50mm
Joint shear resistance (DIN EN 12317-2): ≥ 500 N/50mm
Dimensional stability (DIN EN 1107-2): ≤ %0,3
Foldability at low T (DIN EN 495-5): ≤ -40°C
Impact resistance (DIN EN 12691): ≥ 500 mm (method A)