Waterproofing Material | Weathercoat GP

Weathercoat GP is a two-component, elastomeric, cement-based, polymerized, versatile and permanent waterproofing coating suitable for use in areas with harsh climatic conditions.

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It can be used on surfaces that require crack clamping and high-level waterproofing and protection, such as drinking water tanks and reservoirs, salt water tanks and channels, water transport and irrigation channels, silos, retaining walls and foundations, swimming pools, decorative ornamental pools and aquariums.

• Provides excellent adhesion and flexible, permanent waterproofing to new and old cast and pre-constructed concretes.
• Resistant to soft chemicals, weather conditions and UV rays.
• It has crack clamping feature.

ISO 9001-ISO 14001, TS EN 14891, TS EN 1504-2