Floor Covering Material | Addagrip

Addagrip surface systems are resin-added and porous aggregate surfaces that allow water to drain from the surface and to the substrate with a porous water-permeable structure with a suitable application structured for urban drainage systems.

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It can be used safely on indoor and outdoor surfaces such as driver paths, swimming pools, landscape areas, courtyards, engraving logos on the ground, pathways, tree pits, concrete, steel and wooden bridges, playgrounds, patios, bicycle tracks, theme parks and car parks.

• Addagrip surfaces consist of graded aggregates mixed with a clear resin.
• Addagrip surfaces provide a completely porous system without loose aggregates.
• No maintenance is required on finished surfaces.
• Addagrip surface systems are generally applied much faster than other coating options; Usually up to 300 m2 per day can be applied under suitable conditions.
• At least 12-18 hours should be allowed for the application areas to be ready for use, depending on the temperature, it can be ready for vehicle traffic in 4-6 hours and for pedestrian traffic within 12-18 hours.
• It does not need to be renovated for about 15 years depending on the usage.

ISO 9001-ISO 14001, BBA