Silentboard Superior Sound Insulation Gypsum Board

Brand: Knauf

Providing sound insulation up to 80 db, Silentboard saves time with its easy and fast application in all places where sound problems are experienced. Silentboard, which can show dimensional stability against temperature changes, houses different components in a single plate with its fire resistance and bending properties.

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- Suspended ceiling
- Partition wall
- Wall cladding

• Superior sound insulation
• High performance at low frequencies
• Fire resistance
• Flexibility
• Fireproof material
• Dimensional stability in temperature changes
• Clean and easy assembly
• High surface quality
• Thickness: 12.5 mm
• Weight: approx.17.5 kg/m2
• Width: 625 mm
• Length: 2000 mm
• Packing: 42 pcs / pallet

EN 520 DFR / DIN18180 GKF