FRDF Fire Resistant Gypsum Board

Brand: Knauf

FRDF fire resistant Gypsum Board® sheet is a product that stands out with its increased fire resistance time and density, used in interior partition walls, suspended ceilings and shaft walls. Due to the density of the product, which has a weight of approximately 11-12 kg/m², its air-formed sound insulation performance is higher than many Gypsum Board® types. While producing high fire safety wall and ceiling solutions thanks to its fireproof feature, double layer 12.5 mm on both sides. FRDF Gypsum Board® applied 10 cm. It is possible to obtain a fire resistance of 2 hours with a wide wall.

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- Suspended ceiling
- Partition wall
- Wall cladding
- Shaft walls

• Fire resistance
• Clean and easy assembly
• Saving time
• High surface quality
• Thickness: 12.5 mm
• Weight: 11 - 12 kg/m2
• Width: 1200 mm
• Length: 2500 mm
• Packing: 50 pcs / pallet

TS EN 520 + A1 - TİP DF