Clean Statuary

Brand: Sustonable

Sustonable is a revolutionary new sustainable, thin and very light surface material made with a unique combination of quartz and recycled PET plastic. In its production, the weight is given to recycled PET bottles, 100 PET bottles are used for each m2. Minimizing the use of quartz reduces the use of natural resources. Thus, while contributing to recycling, it also plays an important role in protecting natural resource reserves.

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Sustonable is suitable for use on kitchen and bathroom countertops, interior wall claddings and furniture. It can also be used in various aesthetic coating applications.

• Different colors and patterns are available with plain colour, modern design and natural stone look.
• Offering the opportunity to customize products in addition to eighteen fixed color options, Sustonable knows no limits in design by applying the designs you want on the product with the special printing technique it uses.
• Product dimensions are 6 mm and 8 mm thick, and are offered as 800 mm maximum width and 3500 mm maximum length. The products have very high stain and scratch resistance. With its light and flexible structure, it has maximum impact resistance.
• It is produced from PET bottles. It makes a high contribution to recycling and sustainable economy.