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Sustonable is a recyclable circular design surface made of recycled pet plastic bottles and natural stone. The plastic used is post-consumer  (plastic discarded after use) to reduce the tons of waste that end in oceans and landfills every year.
Sustonable, is committed to the circular economy; that is why Sustonable recycles as many plastics as possible to keep them in use, out of the environment, and not involve any new raw materials. Thanks to its technology, PET plastic bottles are recycled per every m2 of the surface. 
Sustonable produces products to last a lifetime, but at the end of life, its surface can be recycled and reintroduced in the system again, preventing the creation of more waste. 
Sustonable is available in 12 different designs, but the surface allows endless possibilities for printing: wood, marble type, stone, concrete, watercolor, which helps the end-user personalize the product. 
Horizon 2020 European subsidy awarded Sustonable.”