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Ventilation Duct Insulation Board | KI Klimaboard

The insulation board that provides a light and economical insulation solution, with its unique fiber structure and innovative ECOSE® technology, with minimum dusting and non-scratching compared to alternative boards.

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Thermal insulation board Thermal insulation material Sound insulation High heat resistance
About the Product
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Produced by Knauf Insulation with the patented ECOSE® Technology, KI Air Conditioning Board is used in external insulation of air conditioning ducts for high performance thermal and acoustic insulation in all kinds of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.


• Provides light and economical insulation solution.
• Provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
• Aluminum foil coating; While providing a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, it provides vapor-impermeable insulation with high water vapor diffusion resistance.
• It allows easy and comfortable applications.
• Thanks to its flexible and durable fiber structure, the material can be easily cut, sized and shaped without breaking or rupture.
• Thanks to its structure that can be adapted easily and without deterioration to any surface, heat leakage, sound leakage, etc. It prevents the occurrence of problems and provides uninterrupted insulation.