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Environmental and Industrial Solutions

Applications with acoustic grilles, acoustic silencers, acoustic noise barriers require experience during the design phase. All engineering calculations require experience. All engineering calculations are made under the headings of section and casing design, perforated elements, acoustic absorber products, muffler, grille and barrier dimensions, pressure drop, location in the space, by evaluating both acoustics and performance of the equipment.

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Sound insulation insulation material
About the Product
1Application Area

- Industrial plants


All engineering calculations are made under the following headings by evaluating both acoustics and equipment performance.
• Section and case design,
• Perforated elements,
• Acoustic absorber products,
• Silencer, grille and barrier dimensions,
• Pressure drop,
• Settlement on site.

When these systems are designed correctly, they can provide sound transmission loss between 15 dB and 50 dB.