Volume Acoustics Solutions

Volume acoustics is the arrangement of acoustic conditions according to the intended use of the volumes. The use of acoustic materials in the interior is important in order to establish a better communication and increase the quality of hearing. In areas where intense noise and reverberation are disturbing, precautions can be taken by applying sound absorbing materials.

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- Conference and training rooms
- Cinema and theater halls
- Offices and meeting rooms
- Restaurants

• Main material: High density glass wool 95kg/m3
• Sound absorption: 0.95 - 1.0 NRC (ATM - C423)
• Thickness: 40mm
• Dimensions: 600x600 - 600x1200 - 600x1800 - 600x2400 - 600x2700 - 600x3000 - 1200x1200 - 1200x1800 - 1200x2400 - 1200x2700 (mm)
• Fire resistance: A2 S1 DO class according to TS EN 13501-1+A1: 2013 standard
• Edge detail: Reinforced with paint