Panboard Insulation Board by Injection Molding

Panboard is an insulation material manufactured by injection system at 60x120 cm dimension, grooved on two sides to be interlocked and canalized on the front side to provide effective flow of plaster. Custom design Panboard insulation boards provide application advantages for exterior insulation. Its rigid structure provides the best application surface and decreases manpower cost. The path and grooves on Panboard increase the adhere strenght. Interlocking structure blocks the insulation leak. It is the molding and injection technology which provides the shape of Panboard.

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The density and compressive strength enable Panboard to be specifically used as the heat insulation boards of rooftops, basements, rafters, tunnel formwork, beams, within alternative facading systems as insulation board. Panboard offers a unique comfort. Prevents mold and humidity and provides healthy life conditions.

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