Pandeck Light Filling Products

Pandeck molded EPS hollow block is produced with E class (non-combustible) EPS raw material with a density of 16 kg/m³ and 20 kg/m³ with high mold and injection technology.

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• Saves concrete
• Easy application and minimize labor cost
• Spacer ribs eliminate additional labor cost and expenditure
• No material loss
• Existance filling weight (1,7-2,1 kg/m2 ) decreases ground loss
• No extra load on the building with its light structure
• Enables under rib insulation
• Made of EPS, the insulation material
• With vertical locking aspect, Pandeck provides contribution to sound insulation besides basic heat insulation
• It is flexible and not fragile
• Minimum material loss
• Has fitting space
• Arched structure resistant to load
• Durable
• Environment friendly, contains no toxic gasses