QuickStream Siphonic Rainwater Drainage System

Brand: Wavin

The Wavin QuickStream® siphonic rainwater drainage system is a system created to safely and economically drain rainwater from roof surfaces. It is created using polyethylene pipes and special strainers. The correct design of the system is the most important issue. The pipes in the system are completely filled with water, thanks to the special filters that prevent the entry of air into the system and the formation of vortexes. Thanks to the better flow, smaller diameter pipes can be used in the system. The system evacuates rain water faster and at higher flow rates, thanks to hydraulic calculations made specifically for each type of building. In this way, it safely protects the building against overflow and collapse in case of disaster level rain.

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Siphonic rainwater drainage systems are used in industrial, logistics and many different buildings. Wavin QuickStream system can be safely preferred in many medium and large scale projects in Europe and Turkey.


• Pipes are tempered and strainers are available in different models.
• UV resistant stainless strainers are available in the product range.