Underfloor Heating and Sentio Control System

Brand: Wavin

Wavin underfloor heating and Sentio control system offer the ultimate in comfort. It offers a complete system solution from pipes to collectors, from panels to all accessories. The system can be controlled with Sentio, the most advanced automation system in which the temperature of each room is adjusted separately according to the user's demand and can also be remotely controlled. It is suitable for both underfloor heating and cooling operations.

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It can be preferred in housing, workplace, office, residence and all other projects.


• Pipe types: Oxygen barrier PE-xb, PE-xa, PE-RT and PERT/Al/PERT pipe options
• Pipe diameter range: 16-17 mm. Different collector options are available as stainless steel and modular composite. All system elements required for underfloor heating are provided with project support.
• Collector types: Stainless and polyamide collectors
• Panels: EPS material, various colors
• Automation systems:
- Sentio Control System-Both heating and cooling
- Central control units
- Room thermostats and sensors
- Simple automation-Collector control-Heating only
• With the opening of the thermostat that controls the ambient temperature, the thermostat sends a command to the central automation device to operate until the environment reaches the desired temperature. The central automation device transmits a command to the actuator in line with the data coming from the thermostat. With the incoming command, the actuator switches the valve to the open position. With the opening of the valve, water circulation starts in the circuit.