Noche Travertine (Cross Cut)

A darker brown toned travertine, Noche Travertine (Cross Cut) is a superbly elegant stone due its intricate detailing and distinct coloring. The durability of this authentic stone makes it the perfect addition to earthy minimalist interiors. Each slab of Noche Travertine (Cross Cut) features almost parallel veins of different colors showing lengthwise or vertically.

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Noche Travertine (Cross Cut) is mostly preferred for use in bathrooms, kitchens and terraces due to its water-resistant feature. In addition, Noche Travertine (Cross Cut) can be used to design living rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and many more different living, resting and entertainment spaces. It has the beauty and power that can be used in indoor and outdoor flooring, wall covering and ornamental applications.


Available Forms: Block - Slab - Tile - Mosaic - Profile