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Undertaking the main contractor by Yapı Merkezi, the project connects Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania within themselves, while opening East Africa to the Indian Ocean, thus enabling landlocked African countries to export their rich underground resources outside the continent.

The length of Lot 1 Dar es Salaam - Morogoro part is 205 km, and the length of Lot 2 Morogoro - Dodoma - Makutupora part is 336 km. Within the scope of the railway project with a design speed of 160 km/h, there are 154 bridges, 4 tunnels, 42 animal crossings, 68 under and overpasses, 1100 culverts, 14 stations and 2 maintenance workshops.

İNTEVA wooden beam formwork system and PANEMAX steel framed panel formwork system were used in foundations and walls. Head beams, bridge and viaduct floors were solved with HD 150 load-bearing scaffolding system. The cross-sections of bridges and viaducts are generally variable in the floorings with thicknesses ranging from 65 cm to 125 cm. The side formworks of these structures with variable cross-sections were solved with the INTEVA wooden beam formwork system. The middle legs, which have a special form, are made with steel-surfaced SCS molds.

While the formwork and scaffolding works of the bridge passing through the city center were carried out, large-span road crossings were left to ensure traffic flow. In these road crossings, high-strength NPI profiles are used as the main carrier beam in order to pass large spans. The large loads from these beams were transferred to the ground with the MULTİTEK scaffolding system.